How to Play Golf for Beginners?

You’ve come to the right place if you want the best golf tips for beginners. A lot of advanced players don’t even know this There is no argument that golf was becoming increasingly popular. It may not be regarded as an Olympic sports discipline, but whenever there is a big tournament, you can expect to see a lot of people watch both in the course and on television. It is possible to be as good as the pros someday IF you do these golf tips for beginners.

Golf is not about hitting the ball with the most power. If you do that it is not a guarantee that it’ll land anyway near the hole. Golf is not about luck, but about developing the proper technique. Your unique method. However there are conditions that we will never be able to control like for example wind and obstacles – but we can get darn close on a good day.

And now for the first of your golf tips for beginners. Tip #1:

To learn how to control your body. In this game, how to raise your arm to the time that you let your club hit the ball is crucially important. It is not only about a power that makes the ball travel a great distance but the recoil effect.

To achieve this, you need to pay close attention to how much your body moves when you swing from right to left. You want to minimize the turning. Either get someone to watch you, record yourself on a digital camera, and analyze your movements as I did, or you could use a more massive golf club.

The #2 of my golf tips for beginners is.

While doing your swing, be sure to RELAX in your hands as you turn. If you don’t relax while hitting the ball, you use a lot of unnecessary power, which could easily lead to an injury. We often witness that.

Third tip

Imagine hitting the ball right in the center of the ball to be able to control it the best. You should focus on the ball until it flies away through the air.

In golf people always think that the upper body does all the hard work. Even some golfers believe that. This is absolute bull**** – for example, you need to pay attention to the position and movement of your feet. You must stand flat on the ground, to be able to transfer the power from right to left as you hit.

I don’t think these golf tips for beginners are that hard to follow – do you? Practice makes perfect, and you will be able to reach a consistent, very golf swing IF you follow these simple tips. For DIY dads out there, you can read our next article on do it yourself bar ideas

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